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located in the Philippines

This location in the Philippines is a very rural area where most of the people are poor, uneducated and have no access to a school nearby.

With the help of community, church leaders and members, together we will be able to build a church that would serve also as a community center for the entire rural area serving both children and adults.

It would be a place where people can gather, fellowship with one another and be motivated to learn.

With access to educational resources from Parent Led Academy along with the internet, community members would be able to learn together, be inspired and allow them to build something better for their families and community.

Construction of a school can also serve as a common place to host a variety of community activities, events or a safe haven for people who’ve been displaced from their homes.

If we can transform a community, then we’ve paved a new direction that brings more hope to the generations after them.



Build a church

food & MedicineS

This project has a special place in my heart since my cousin and her husband are church leaders who are making a huge impact in their rural community. 

They’ve been staying in touch with me for many years and have never asked for anything even when they’d have to rebuild their church after several typhoons forced them to relocate to higher ground.  

Now I’ve come to them and asked what they need which is mainly food and medicines.  

Know that your contribution to Faith Assembly of God will go directly to Pastor Elmer Ramos to help provide the needs of his congregation and surrounding community.

After arriving from the Philippines where I was a guest speaker at its Homeschool Conference, homeschooling parents shared with me their struggles to be able to have access and afford to purchase valuable homeschooling books and resources that would serve them well in their journey. 

I’ve partnered with School in a Backpack to establish partnerships with cafe owners who would allow homeschooling families to meet during those times when foot traffic is low, creating a LitCAFE.

Since there are no libraries and playgrounds hardly exist, LitCAFEs will serve as a haven for homeschooling families to fellowship, share their knowledge, expertise nd more importantly, their hearts.

Our vision is to establish LitCAFEs throughout the Philippines where families can access homeschooling books, curriculum and other resources at no cost, thanks to your donation.

homeschool families

medical supplies

dried goods

educational materials

We’re always busily collecting educational materials, inspirational books, bibles, dry and canned food, clothes, toys and games to fill “Balikbayan” boxes to send to either our LitCAFE locations or rural church and its surrounding community.

Each box is about 24 x 18 x 24 and costs roughly $100 to get it on a ship and takes about a month to arrive.

It’s the most inexpensive way to transport items where weight is not a factor.

You can also donate to purchasing supplies.  

If you live in AZ, you may drop off your donations.  Send us an email for further instructions.

If you’d like to donate to this project, no amount is too small.  🙂

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